There are several ways to get there. Here's one: From the Armdale Rotary, take Herring Cove road approximately 5 minutes. Turn left on to Williams Lake road and a right on to Colpitt Lake Road. Keep left and find a  proper place to park along the road. Walk to the end of that road, basically past civic address 21 Colpitt Lake Road. Follow the trail from there.


The path is fairly obvious at first but there are a number of paths leading one in other directions. All are fair game but I tend to stay on the main trail, leaning left towards the lake. Once at the lake, I like to follow the lakeshore path (left) and once at the bridge, crossing that and following the river a ways. A cool feature along there is a little cave made of large boulders. Explanation and photos to come another day.


Car Cemetery, Huge Climbing Rock, Prisoner's Cave, Little Walking Bridge, Portal to Barren's/Flat Lake.


Colpitt Lake Road, Yeadon Street, Williams Lake Road, and other small roads in this area of Spryfield are all connected to this vast forest and lake system. Also, the neighbourhood of Governor's Brook and its roads such as Alabaster Way or Lier Ridge connect.

Check out this beautiful home, 161 Alabastar Way, that is a short walk from this hiking area and lakes.