Moving to Halifax?

  • Are you moving to Halifax? Need a home?

  • I can help you find a place to buy or rent.

  • I've lived in a few cities across Canada (Ottawa, Toronto, Sault Ste. Marie, Vancouver) so I have personal experience finding and moving homes. Also, I have a sense of how the markets in those cities differ from the one in Halifax.

  • I've also lived internationally, in Yokohama and in Nogata-City in Japan, so I have some additional understanding of the excitement and challenges of moving abroad and how Canada differs from some other countries I've lived in or visited.

Halifax is an amazing place to live in.

I think you'll love it here!

Looking to buy? - A rather exhaustive collection of all properties on the market across all of Nova Scotia, including their pricing histories all mapped out for you. - A rather exhaustive collection of all properties on the market, all across Canada.

Houses for Sale (Kijiji) - A mix of properties listed by owners and those listed by REALTORS and others.

Browse these tools yourself if that's what you like to do. Otherwise, we can discuss your criteria and I can send listing suggestions your way regularly.

Services from a Distance

  • It all starts with a discussion: what is your criteria, prioritized?

  • From there, I'll suggest properties that meet your criteria.

  • When properties interest you, I can view them in person, providing you with videos and photos of details that might interest you. We can arrange live video tours.

  • I can also do further research into the home, the neighbourhood, the nearby attractions, commuting times and any other topics that we discuss as important. For example, have you considered the fog line in choosing a home along the coast? Would you like to see a topography map of the lake your potential property sits on?

Nicole Carter | 902-717-3438 |

Looking to rent?

Long Term Apartment and Condo Rentals (Kijiji)

Long Term House Rental (Kijiji)

Killam Apartment Rentals

Rent in

I'd be happy to coordinate your short or long term rental to help make your life a little easier.

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