Covid-19 Impacts on Buying and Selling

We're several weeks in to the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions we're all learning to live with.

How does Covid-19 impact your plans to buy a home? If you can wait, it is best to wait, mostly for health and safety reasons but also because the number of properties on the market is lower than it would otherwise be. That means there are fewer properties for you to choose from and more competition with other buyers for any homes you do want to purchase. That said, if you're in need of housing NOW, we can get going right away with what properties are available. Many REALTORs(R) are including virtual tours to help market homes. These tours allow you to tour room by room, look up, down, side to side, to zoom in or out and look at floor plans. After exhausting every possible resource available to us virtually, we can consider viewing homes on site. We'll be cautious when entering homes to view; we'll wash hands, have disinfectant wipes and tissue on hand. If you have Covid-19 or are experiencing symptoms, we will not be permitted to enter homes until the risk has passed.

How does Covid-19 impact your plans to sell a property? If you can wait, it is best to wait due to health and safety reasons for yourself and community. However, if selling your home right away is an urgent matter, we can discuss the best way to do that depending on your circumstances. One tool we can make use of in this "new normal" is a 3D Virtual Tour. This technology allows potential Buyers to wander, virtually, to look up and down, side to side, to zoom in. It provides floor plans and really helps to give Buyers a sense of the space, the layout and to look at some details in the house before ever stepping foot on site. For those Buyers who are genuinely interested, we can allow viewings to take place. In that case, we'll insist that people who come to view your property are not currently infected with or experiencing Covid-19 symptoms. We'll provide soap for washing hands, and ask that REALTORs(R) and their clients disinfect carefully after their viewing.

You may have other restrictions or ideas to implement to ensure we safely work to buy or sell your property during the Covid-19 pandemic. We can work together to find the best way forward in every case.

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