45 Fox Point Lane, Lawrencetown. (EXPIRED - off the market)

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

45 Fox Point Lane, Lawrencetown. $179,000.

Cottage potential! Nova Scotia Landscape like nowhere else on earth.

This is your chance to live a more simpler, earth-friendly existence while still having electricity and running water to keep life convenient.

Cute, cozy and yellow. A small space to enjoy. (Photo Source: Listing Cut)

If you can handle having an alternative toilet set-up, this could be a fantastic space for you. The description on this property mentions a chemical toilet. A composting toilet would be my preference to that, but to each their own.

There's a cistern for water, and you can certainly consider collecting rainwater, too.

Looking forward to the challenges of living in a slightly altered way? Let's take a look at the amazing lifestyle waiting here for you.

Canoe and hammock by water's edge. (Photo Source: Listing Cut)

Take that canoe out for a ride! (Photo Source: Listing Cut)

A perfectly manageable 30 minutes drive to the Halifax peninsula, this property is less than 1km walk to Conrad's Beach. Lawrencetown Beach, well-known for its surfing activities, is just a short drive away. But why leave the peaceful spot you're at, where you can canoe or kayak in this calmer, protected water way?

Interested in checking it out? Contact me with your availability and let's go see it.

It has 0 bedrooms but plenty of space to sleep. And of course, potential to make it into a cozy space for yourself and a few others without much cost.

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