3167 Purcell's Cove Road, Purcell's Cove. (AVAILABLE!)

Updated: Dec 17, 2019


4 Bedrooms, 3/1 Bathrooms

An incredible gem, just 20 minutes drive to downtown, just waiting for the right family to move in.

I tend to fall in love with properties that offer a spectacular outdoor space, usually something unique, whether it be a simple, quiet nature-surrounded experience or an opportunity for outdoor adventures nearby. I tend to not care as much about what is going on inside the house. But this house is an exception. It has both the indoors and outdoors to brag about.

Indoors, there are amazing comforts with spacious simplicity. A wood fireplace to cozy up to. A beautiful galley kitchen. Man, I love those cabinets!

Outdoors, you have patio space that looks out across the harbour. The rugged Nova Scotia wilderness fills every window view. It's the perfect place to enjoy the natural surroundings while comfortable and cozy inside this pristine modern home.

Check it out on and when you're ready, let's go see it, either in person or virtually, to start.

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