2019 Stats for My Neighbourhood in the North End, Halifax

My neighbourhood is the North End of Halifax and in particular, I consider my neigbhourhood as the streets bordered by Novalea, Glebe, Barrington and Devonshire. Streets within those boundaries are Lynch, Acadia, Albert, St. Pauls, Vestry, Dartmouth and Roome.

This neighbourhood is a mix of 1 and a half storey war time houses, 2 storey rebuilds, apartment buildings, cooperative housing. A mix of single family homes, duplex rentals, airbnb and a small business here and there.

Within these boundaries, 27 houses sold in 2019.

The lowest priced home was $209,000 and the highest priced home was $452,500. The average then, was $334,681.

These homes sold as quickly as 6 days. In the longest case, it took 114 days to sell. The average was 27 days but many sold within the first week or two. It's been hot!

Today, there are three properties on the market and they all happen to be multi-units.

May and June were when the most houses in this neighbourhood were sold but, interestingly, homes are selling any time of the year.

And there it is, a little snapshot of my own little neighbourhood.

I got much of this data from and I highly recommend checking out if you aren't already familiar with it.

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