I can help by:

- Listening carefully to understand your dream/vision.
- Referring you to a mortgage broker professional, if necessary.
- Recommending online search tools and pointing you to potential places regularly.
- Setting you up to tour your favourite places, on site, or virtually.
- Answering questions you have along the way.

- Referring you to a building inspector and coordinating the inspection.

- Referring you to a lawyer, if necessary.
- Preparing contracts, negotiating, guiding you through closing procedures.


It often starts with a dream and a vision.

An important early step is to determine your budget range. Talking with a bank or a mortgage broker can be very enlightening, giving you a solid sense of what you can afford. I can recommend a mortgage broker to get you started.

You'll probably want to start looking online to see what's out on the market now. I can suggest tools for doing that on your own, or I can send you relevant listings regularly.

And you'll probably want to start stepping foot in these places and getting a feel for its fit for you. I can coordinate and show you these places at your pace.

At some point, you'll find that "perfect place" but you may still have a lot of questions.  I have years of training and experience in finding the information you need and I'd be happy to get that for you.

Ready to put in an offer? I'll prepare the contract and discuss offer details. If there is a counter offer, we discuss, I'll negotiate further when appropriate and, as all goes well, get a great deal and get those precious keys in your hands!

Where are you now, in this process? I can't wait to work with you as you move forward to achieving your initial dream or vision. 

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